Gold Bar Roulette is Evolution’s live dealer game that revolutionized roulette by giving players the choice of where to place their Gold Bar 88x win multiplier. The game will start on July 15, 2022, and will be playable on Babubets with an excellent gold bar promotion. Gold Bar Roulette continued the rich tradition of online roulette games and was first introduced by Evolution in 2018 with multipliers.

However, unlike Lightning Roulette and Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, the selection and control of the multiplier are firmly in the hands of the player. Players decide which positive numbers will have a multiplier, and more importantly, the value of the multiplier!

Players can win gold bars, each worth 88x, which they can place on subsequently increased numbers. Multiple gold bars can be stacked on one number, significantly increasing the payout. Of course, there is also a downside. Gold Bars can only be won and used for live bets; the standard straight payout is 19:1, reduced from 35:1. Gold Bar Roulette Live is a fun game that requires different strategies to play successfully. This article will explain Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Live – Review, How to play and Tips and Tricks. Importantly, how to win and use gold bullion to get the best multipliers.

What is Gold Bar Roulette?

Gold Bar Roulette is one of the most unique studios we’ve seen Evolution create.

A roulette wheel sits in the centre of the vault, surrounded by gold bars stacked from floor to ceiling. The four gold chests to the left of the vault are gold bars that players will win during rounds of the game.

A lively dealer in a black suit with gold trim demonstrates gold bar roulette. The wheels are European-style single-zero automatic roulettes.

The game interface offers all the standard options we have come to expect and is tailored to convert all bet types into straight bets. A full range of betting options and statistics are available.

Meanwhile, Auto Play alleviates the stress of missing a round by repeating the same bet for a player-defined number of spins.

How To Play Gold Bar Roulette

Winning and Using Gold Bars

Let me explain gold bars and how they work. Gold bars cannot be bought, they must be earned.

How to Win the Gold Bars

At the beginning of each game round, after the betting time has expired, the host opens one of the 4 gold bar cabinets and shows the players between 1 and 20 gold bars that can be won during the game round.

Each bar has a multiplier of 88x and is worth the bet amount to win the bar. Players can get gold bars:

  • Place the chips on the winning numbers
  • If there are gold bars on the winning numbers.

In both cases, gold bars are added to the player’s gold bar balance. Hovering over the gold bar balance shows the value of each bar. All bars have the same value, the average of all bars wins.

How to use The Gold Bars

Once won, Gold Bars have a lifetime of 180 days. Any gold bars not used within that time frame will expire.

You don’t have to use the Gold Bars immediately. They can be saved up and used how you like.

Gold bars can be individually placed on Straight-up numbers or stacked on the same number to increase the payout of that number. For Example, if you have three gold bars on a number, the payout would be 3×88 = 264x multiplied by the gold bar value.

Betting On Gold Bar Roulette

So far, I have covered the uses of gold bars and the best things you can do with them.

However, the clever folks at Evolution have added a setting to the game interface that converts each bet type into an equivalent bet. If you place a regular inside or outside bet, it will be converted to a live bet.

This change also affects how you choose tokens. If I pick a £5 chip and bet on red, all the red numbers will be a 0.27 level bet for a total of £5. The payoff is not the same money; even numbers are 19:1. There are different types of bets, and I’ve covered the most common ones below.

Inside Bets – Cover fewer numbers for bigger wins

  • Straight Up – This is the only bet where you can win and use gold bars. Place the chips or bars on the number.
  • Split bets consist of two adjacent numbers.
  • Street bets consist of a row of three matching numbers.
  • The corner game consists of four numbers crossing each other.
  • Line bets consist of six numbers – that is, two adjacent streets.

Outside bets – Bet on multiple numbers for a smaller payout.

  • The result/column spans 12 consecutive numbers below the betting grid.
  • Red/Black has 18 red or black numbers.
  • Odd/Even covers 18 odd or even numbers on the wheel.
  • Low/High – spans 18 digits in the range 1-18 or 19-36

French bets

They are slightly more complex and cover different parts of the roulette wheel using different straight bets and split bets. The most common way to place it is to use a racetrack. Popular sections include Rank, Orphans, Neighbors and Zero.

Strategies and Tactics for Playing and Winning on Gold Bar Roulette

The game has two distinct phases: winning and using gold bars.

You can do both at the same time, but it takes some discipline. I don’t think it’s the best way to play or spend your money because you’re doing two contradictory things at the same time. So, my strategy will consist of two parts – win some gold bars and use them to win.

Strategy for Winning the Gold Bars

You can win gold bars by betting directly on the winning numbers. Every time you get to win, you win a gold bar. There are several ways to do this:

  • Bets on all even numbers will guarantee you some gold bars and a 19:1 payout. However, it will cost you 16 units.
  • Bets on every second positive number. You have a 2:1 chance of winning. If you do, you will win two units and your gold bar. If you lose, you will lose 18 units.
  • Bets every 3 numbers. You have a 3:1 chance of winning. If you win, you will be paid 7:1 and you will receive gold bars. Failure will cost 12 units.

As you can see, winning gold bars comes at a price, so you should consider this before placing your bets.

If this was my first turn, I would cover all the betting points to increase my bullion balance and then use the third option to top up the bullion before starting to bet the gold baron.

Strategy for Using the Gold Bars

Winning gold bars in roulette is the easier of the two strategies. Figuring out how and when to use them is even more difficult. I will go over the three most common uses of gold bars.

  • Bet directly using your standard rates. Carefully place the gold bars over some of the numbers. If you win gold bars, you will receive 88 times the prize money. You can double the gold bars per point for a 176x payout, which is probably the most you want to do with this method.
  • Use your average betting scheme by placing fewer lines and rows on certain numbers. Assuming 4 points per bet, the payout is 352x. You cover fewer numbers with gold bars, so you have less chance to win, but you get a great reward when you win.
  • The last method is to place many gold bars on one or two numbers. This method will give big winners but is much more difficult.

Using AutoPlay

Autoplay is useful when you want to bet the same amount on the same numbers over multiple spins.

However, I don’t think it’s suitable for this game, as you can probably grind and change how you use the gold bars and where you stack them. To each, their own though, autoplay is where you want to use it.

Gold Bar Roulette vs Lightning Roulette vs Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette – How Do They Compare?

The main difference is that Gold Bar Roulette allows the player to choose where to place the multiplier and its value. In Lightning Roulette, the RNG engine controls this part of the game by randomly selecting numbers and selecting multiplier values.

Another big difference is the use of player-controlled multipliers. The only condition is that players must use them within 180 days of earning them.

The last difference is the cost of direct numbers. In precious metals roulette, it’s 19:1, which is right between the 19:1 and 29:1 that everyone else pays.

Although, another big difference, and perhaps the most important, is giving the player control over when and where the multiplier is used. Suddenly, these changes will silence players who thought the game was fixed because they are now making decisions.

Which of these three games is the best? – I think it is a personal decision. Play them all and stick to your favourite. It’s just roulette at the end of the day.


Gold Bar Roulette will put the “cat among the pigeons”. Giving players control over where their multipliers are spent and their value is outstanding. Evolution silenced detractors who accused them of running rigged games with Lightning and Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette. Now those players can live with it or shut up!

Still, it’s a real gamble as you go along. You have a base rate to bet on, but you have to double down and choose where to bet the multiplier. The theory of this game is the same as that used in Lightning Blackjack, but it is executed much better. As for the big bullion roulette winners? – My prediction is that we will see some big costs. There won’t be many of them, but they will matter when they come.