Introduction to Evolution Funky Time

Evolution’s highly anticipated game show, Funky Time Live, shares the same concept as Crazy Time. The game involves a large spinning wheel that offers players the chance to win multiplier prizes and access one of four bonus rounds.
Funky Time centres its theme around the 1970s. Complete with disco music, glitter balls, and presenters dressed in flares, the game offers players a nostalgic trip back in time.

With a higher number of multipliers available, players have a greater chance of winning big payouts, as 24 out of the 64 segments on the wheel payout at a healthy 25:1 ratio. The game sets its maximum win at £$€500,000, and players can earn a massive 10,000x multiplier on the Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco Bonus games. This review will provide a detailed explanation of how to play Funky Time, including betting and playing strategies analyzed from game data. Additionally, a video review will showcase the bonus rounds in action and compare Funky Time to Crazy Time.

A Quick Overview of Funky Time Live

quick overview funky time

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the key components that make up Funky Time. While we’ll delve into each of these points in greater detail later on, this overview will give you a basic understanding of what the game entails.

At the core of Funky Time is a large spinning wheel that consists of 64 segments. What makes this wheel unique is that it utilizes LED panels to display the layout of the segments and the corresponding multipliers. This innovative design is known as the Digiwheel, and we’ll explore it in more detail later.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find on the wheel:

  • 28 Number One segments on the wheel that pay 1:1.
  • 24 Letter Segments pay 25:1.
  • 12 Bonus Round Segments give access to four types of Bonus rounds (Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco & VIP Disco).
  • Random multipliers up to 50x can be sprinkled across the wheel, boosting initial payouts for individual segments.
  • The Bar & Stayin’, Alive Bonus rounds are interactive and require players to choose a playing position before the game begins.
  • The maximum payout for the whole game is capped at £$€500,000.
  • The multipliers on the Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco Bonus rounds are capped at 10,000x.
  • The over RTP of Funky Time is 95.99%, with the RTP range for the individual elements of the game between 95.38% – 95.99%.
  • An unlimited number of players can play.
  • Auto Play is available to make repeat betting easier and allow the setting of limits for managing wins and losses.

How To Play Funky Time Live?

The goal of the game is to place a bet on one or more segments on the wheel, with the hope that the presenter spins the wheel and it lands on one of your chosen segments. If this occurs, you win!

There are two types of segments –

  • Segments that pay an instant win – the Number One segment and the Letter Segments.
  • Segments that trigger a bonus round where the prize will be a multiplier value.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the wheel and its various segments.

The Funky Time DigiWheel

The Funky Time game features a unique DigiWheel, a physical wheel composed of 64 segments that uses LED panels to display segment images and multipliers. This wheel was custom-built for the game and has more segments than a standard wheel to offer more multipliers and larger payouts. As the wheel spins, the technology allows for images to be updated with additional information, such as multipliers. One interesting aspect of the DigiWheel is that the images remain oriented as the wheel rotates, just like printed images on a standard wheel.

The segments on the wheel fall into four categories: 28 segments in seven blocks of four for Number One, 24 segments in six blocks of four for the Letters FUNK, PLAY, and TIME, 12 segments for four Bonus Rounds – BAR, STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO, and VIP DISCO – with six, two, three, and one segments respectively. All the segments are evenly distributed around the wheel to provide a fair game for players.

Betting On Funky Time

During the 20 seconds of betting time, you can use Evolution’s quick bet features to place multiple bets with just one button press. However, it’s not always wise to bet on everything, so we’ll cover some strategies later in this review. Here are some of the things you can place bets on:

  • The Number One.
  • The Letters that make up the words FUNK, PLAY and TIME.
  • Each of the Bonus round segments of BAR, STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO and VIP DISCO.

Evolution has made it easy to place bets with the quick bet feature, which allows you to place bets on all twelve letters and all Bonus Rounds with just one click. It’s clear that Evolution encourages players to bet on multiple segments with this feature.

Presenter Spins the Wheel – with mystery multipliers!

After the betting time has ended, the game presenter gears up to spin the wheel. Two important things to keep in mind are that the wheel’s direction changes after each spin, with one spin going clockwise and the next counter-clockwise. Additionally, random multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x may be added to certain segments on the wheel, increasing the payout if the wheel lands on them. These multipliers apply to both the instant win and bonus round segments, and can greatly impact payouts during the game.

The Result

If the wheel stops on a Number One segment or one of the Letter segments, it will result in an instant win. If you have placed a bet on that segment, you will win. On the other hand, if the wheel stops on a Bonus segment, players who have placed a bet on that segment will enter the Bonus round, while those who haven’t will be able to watch it unfold.

The Funky Time Bonus Rounds

There are four Bonus rounds in Funky Time Live:

  • BAR

During the bonus rounds, you can win multipliers on your initial bet. In the BAR and STAYIN’ Alive rounds, you need to participate by selecting one of three options at the start of the bonus round. For the remaining rounds, the Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the outcome, and you simply watch the game unfold, hoping for a significant multiplier win. Keep in mind that if there was a multiplier on the bonus segment of the Digiwheel, it would be applied to the bonus round winnings.

The BAR Bonus Round

In the BAR Bonus round, a Robot Bar Tender stands behind a bar with three mocktail glasses – Blue, Yellow, and Purple. You’ll need to choose one of these glasses. The bartender then pours the drinks, assigning random multipliers between 2x and 20x to each glass, which will determine your prize. As the bartender pours the drinks, a single slot reel spins behind him, revealing another multiplier that randomly awards one of the glasses, further multiplying the value of the multiplier for that glass. This process applies multiple multipliers to your selected glass, significantly increasing your potential winnings. When the glasses are filled, the bartender pays you for the multiplier value of the glass you initially selected, after applying any qualifying multipliers, if applicable, and the round ends.


The STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus round, named after the famous song by the Bee Gees from the Saturday Night Fever album and film, challenges you to climb up a ladder filled with increasing multipliers on each step while staying in the game as long as possible. The higher you climb, the larger the multiplier, with a maximum payout of 10,000x! In this bonus round, there are three ladders to choose from: Green, Purple, and Orange.

STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus Round Features

You need to select one, or the system will select one for you. Each ladder has 20 levels, starting at 5x as the default payout for Level 1. The multiplier increases with each level, with Level 2 at 10x, Level 3 at 15x, and so on, up to Level 20 at 1000x. Furthermore, each ladder has four lives, and the game ends when all lives on all ladders are lost. To advance up the ladder, you need to use a bingo ball drawing style machine containing 90 coloured balls.

  • If the presenter draws a Black STOP Ball, a life is lost for all players on all ladders.
  • A 1 Step Ball in Green, Orange or Pink will advance the corresponding ladder up one level.
  • A 2 Step Ball in Green, Orange or Pink will advance the corresponding-coloured ladder up two levels.

The game will continue to draw balls from the machine until four Stop Balls have been chosen, resulting in the loss of all lives on all ladders. Your payout will be determined by the multiplier value on the final level of the ladder you reached before the last Stop Ball was drawn. It’s important to note that the multipliers on the ladders can be enhanced if there is a qualifying multiplier on the bonus segment of the Digiwheel. In such a case, all ladder multipliers will be multiplied by that amount at the start of the game round.


The Disco Bonus rounds in Funky Time Live are inspired by the classic Disco Dancing Arcade machines. You will need to guide Mr Funky through a 3×3 dance floor in the standard DISCO Round and a 7×9 dance floor in the VIP Disco Round. The bigger VIP Disco floor offers more significant win potential. The objective of both Bonus rounds is to collect as many multipliers as possible as Mr Funky dances across the floor.

The bonus round ends when Mr Funky falls off the dance floor. At the start of the game round, every tile on the dance floor has a multiplier, which is subject to increase if there is a qualifying multiplier from the Digiwheel. To determine Mr Funky’s movement direction, a small wheel containing eight segments is spun, with each segment depicting one of the four directions, Left, Right, Up, or Down. Mr Funky moves one square per spin in the direction indicated by the wheel.

Funky Time Odds, Payouts and RTP

Number 128Yellow1 – 50:195.99%43.75%2.28 Spins
LETTERS FUNK8Red25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
LETTERS PLAY8Orange25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
LETTERS TIME8Pink25 – 1250:195.49%37.50%2.66 spins
BAR Bonus6Greenupto 500,00095.98%9.375%10.66 Spins
STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus2Light Blueupto 500,00095.49%3.125%32 Spins
DISCO Bonus3Purpleupto 500,00095.51%4.68%21.36 Spins
VIP DISCO Bonus1Scarlettupto 500,00095.38%1.56%64.10 Spins

Playing And Betting Strategies to Win on Funky Time

Before delving into Funky Time strategies, it’s important to note some key aspects of the game. First and foremost, the game is intended for entertainment purposes, with the aim of providing enjoyment for players and viewers alike.

In terms of potential payouts, the Instant Win segments on the wheel offer predictable rewards, with 52 segments dedicated to this type of payout. The minimum win is 1:1, while it’s possible to win 1250x+ if the mystery multiplier boosts one of the letters with a 50x multiplier. Otherwise, the payout will be 25:1. As these segments are the most frequent, it’s important to keep this in mind when developing a strategy.

However, the real focus of the game is on the Bonus Rounds. The VIP DISCO offers the most potential for a big multiplier win, followed closely by DISCO and STAYIN’ ALIVE. Conversely, BAR is more likely to deliver small wins similar to Coin Flip in Crazy Time. The Bonus Rounds account for 18.75% of the segments on the wheel, with an average chance of being hit every 5.33 spins. BAR is the most likely Bonus Round to be hit, while VIP DISCO is the least likely.

Funky Time Betting Strategies

A “unit” refers to the amount you feel comfortable betting, which could range from 0.10 to 0.20, or even 1, depending on your preferences. Some players may opt to bet in multiples of 10. However, it’s crucial to follow the golden rule: only bet an amount that you can afford to lose and limit your bet to 5% of your bankroll for each spin.

Bet On Everything Strategy

Betting on all segments on the wheel results in playing 17 bets. Assuming that each bet is worth one unit, you’ll require a 16:1 win to break even. However, since you’ll win 1:1 on Number 1 approximately 43% of the time, and 37% of the time, you’ll get a 25:1 return, which is insufficient to offset the losses from Number 1 wins. To make up the difference, you need a bonus win, which should happen every 5-6 spins. But because Funky Time has streaks, you can’t rely on averages over a short period, so if you bet this way, you’ll typically lose your bankroll. Therefore, it’s recommended to bet selectively and according to your bankroll’s size and risk tolerance. Also, remember to bet only what you can afford to lose and to limit your bet to 5% of your bankroll per spin.

Bet On the Instant Win Segments

This strategy may not be the most appealing one. It involves disregarding the Bonus Rounds and focusing solely on the Instant Wins in the hope of receiving multipliers that can make it profitable. While this approach can keep your bankroll going for a while, it requires you to quit the game as soon as you make a profit.

Instead, my recommendation is to place bets that guarantee at least a break-even outcome. For example, you can bet 6 units on Number 1 and 6 units on six of the letters, for a total bet of 12 units. If Number 1 wins, you get your 12 units back, and if a letter wins, you receive 25:1, resulting in a 13-unit profit. However, since you’re only covering 62% of the wheel, you’ll eventually lose unless you hit a win with a multiplier boost. As soon as you make a profit with this strategy, you should stop playing.

Bet on some of the Segments and all Bonus Rounds

Consider the previous bet you made by betting 6 units on Number 1 and 6 units on six letters, totaling 12 units. Now, add the four bonus rounds to this strategy and increase the bet on Number 1 to 10 units. This strategy assumes that the bonus rounds will be hit at least every 5 or 6 spins. If the bonus rounds take longer to hit, it may become challenging to cover the losses of the six letters that you haven’t bet on. However, this strategy covers 88% of the wheel, with only 12 segments (18.75%) not being covered. This is my preferred strategy and the one I would suggest.

Funky Time BAR Strategy

When it comes to the BAR bonus round, the strategy is rather simple: choose one of the three glasses and hope for the best. Each glass will receive a multiplier once the selection is made, so there is no way to know which one will have the highest payout beforehand. You could opt to choose the same glass each time or select one at random, but the outcome will likely be the same – you’ll most likely choose the wrong glass.


In this bonus round, you must select one of three ladders. All three ladders start with the same value, and your prize is determined by the random drawing of balls from a bingo-style machine. The results are entirely random and physical, without the involvement of any RNG. Therefore, there is no strategy that can improve your chances of winning, unless you believe in superstitions such as lucky ladder colors. Ultimately, your success in this bonus round is entirely dependent on chance and luck.

DISCO and VIP DISCO Strategy

Both of these bonus rounds are entirely determined by RNG, meaning that they are entirely based on luck rather than any player input. As a player, your only role is to watch the bonus round and hope that it results in a favorable multiplier win. There is no strategy to be employed in these rounds, so all you can do is hope for the best and trust in the randomness of the game.

Tips For Beginners

If you’re new to Funky Time, it’s important to avoid risking a large portion of your bankroll in hopes of hitting a big multiplier win, as this strategy can lead to a quick loss of your funds. Instead, the game tends to offer frequent small wins, with occasional decent multiplier wins.

To maximize your playtime while minimizing your risk, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The Number 1 and Letters bets will deliver the most consistent and regular wins. You already know these payouts, so you can manage your bankroll easily by knowing precisely what you’ll lose and win.
  • Don’t expect the bonus rounds to deliver decent multiplier wins consistently. They won’t. They are highly volatile and designed to make you play them, hoping to win big every time. You won’t. So bet small on these.
  • Betting on just the Bonus rounds is a losing strategy – don’t do it.
  • Spread your bets around so you get some action on all parts of the game – it keeps your interest and hopefully gives you more enjoyment.
  • Past results are NOT an indicator of what will happen in the future. Be careful when looking at the results history and game trackers.
  • Don’t read the Chat – all you’ll see are losing players complaining the game is fixed, the wheel is controlled, or some other stupid comments.

Pros and Cons of Funky Time

  • The Funky Time wheel has more segments than a regular money wheel game, giving bigger and more payouts.
  • You can bet from as little as 0.10 a spin, but you’re more likely to bet between 0.50 and 1.00 a spin.
  • An unlimited number of players play simultaneously, giving a sense of community play and betting.
  • Unless players bet precisely the same, it’s possible to have a completely different playing experience from other players.
  • Two bonus rounds allow players to choose a position in the game to follow- which is excellent in an RNG game.
  • There’s the possibility of winning a significant amount for a small initial wager.
  • The overall RTP of Funky TIme is 95.99%, which aligns with Slot payouts more than live games payouts, which are higher.
  • The game is relatively slow – which could be a PRO as you’re not losing money quickly – just slowly.
  • You need to place multiple bets to feel like you’re participating in all aspects of the game. This means you end up betting more money each game round.

Funky Time and Crazy Time Comparison

There has been much debate on comparing Funky Time and Crazy Time, prompting me to compare the two games to assess their similarities and differences. Both games share a common concept, with a large wheel awarding prizes and granting access to four bonus rounds, making the two games appear and operate in a similar fashion.

  • The Funky Time wheel features 64 segments, compared to 54 segments on the Crazy Time wheel.
  • The Crazy Time Wheel was built by TCS John Huxley, while the Funky Time Wheel was made by DigiWheel.
  • The RTP for Crazy Time is 95.41%, while the RTP for Funky Time is 95.99%.
  • The odds of landing the Crazy Time Bonus round are 1.85%, while the odds of landing the VIP DISCO are only 1.56%.
  • RNG is employed in three of the Funky Time Bonus rounds and two of the Crazy Time Bonus rounds to decide the outcome.
  • Funky Time has a greater probability of a 25:1 payoff than Crazy Time.
  • The top prize for each game is fixed at £$€500,000.

Naturally, the most pressing question would be, which game is superior? My response is straightforward – the one that you find the most entertaining to play!


In conclusion, Evolution’s Funky Time is a fun and exciting game show that offers players the chance to win big while enjoying a groovy and colorful atmosphere. With its easy-to-understand gameplay and multiple bonus rounds, Funky Time is accessible to players of all skill levels. By following the strategies outlined in this guide and keeping in mind the importance of responsible gambling, players can increase their chances of winning and prolong their playtime. And remember, whether you prefer Funky Time or another game show like Crazy Time, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Funky Time Live?

In Evolution’s live game show Funky Time, you may wager on the outcome of a huge spinning wheel. The reward categories include 1:1 and 25:1 payouts as well as the opportunity to play one of four RNG bonus rounds. The three bonus rounds have a combined 10,000x and maximum payout of £$€500,000.

Is Funk Time Live Easy to Play?

Funky Time is simple to use. There are 17 betting places on the wheel, four of them are for bonus rounds and the other 13 are for instant win segments. You lay your bets on the available spots and wait for the roulette wheel to land on one of them.

Does Funky Time Use RNG?

The STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus Round does not employ RNG to decide the outcome, but all Bonus rounds do. The RNG and the segment selection they land on determine the multipliers strewn around the Digiwheel.

Is there a winning strategy for playing Funky Time?

There is no winning method for Funky Time anywhere. Those that claim there are will be telling the truth. However, there are ways to wager and play Funky Time that will increase your enjoyment of the game and your chances of winning. About them, I’ve written here.

What is the RTP of Funky Time?

The RTP for Funky Time as a whole is 95.99%. The following RTPs apply to each Bonus Round. Number 1 has a 95.99% rating, followed by LETTERS (95.49%), BAR (95.90%), STAYIN’ ALIVE (95.49%), DANCE (95.51%), and VIP DISCO (95.38%).

What is the highest Payout on Funky Time?

The maximum award is £$€500,000. The maximum payout for three of the bonus games is 10,000x. Other aspects of the game have no cap, although it’s improbable that they will ever reach 10,000x because they don’t have the capacity to grow to that size.

Where can I Play Funky Time?

Funky Time is available in casinos that provide Evolution live dealer games. Babu88 is my personal favorite and the one I suggest.

Is Funky Time Better than Crazy Time?

Despite the games’ similarities, it might be challenging to decide between Funky Time and Crazy Time. Similar to Crazy Time, Funky Time features more volatile bonus rounds but is also volatile. You will have a comparable experience because the games have similar RTPs. Since both are so good, there is no excuse not to play them both.