Fortune Gems 2

Dive into the captivating video slot “Fortune Gems 2” from Jili. With a straightforward 3×3 layout and 5 paylines, it’s simple and enjoyable. Unlock the potential to win up to x10,000! Engage in a bonus game featuring a wheel that amplifies your wins. In the main game, encounter random multipliers up to x15 and a wild symbol for added excitement. Test it out for free on our website before diving into real play. Immerse yourself in the universe of “Fortune Gems 2” and embark on a quest for dazzling treasures.

Newbie’s Handbook: How to Play Fortune Gems 2

How to Play Fortune Gems 2

Launch the Game

Start an exhilarating gaming session by opening Fortune Gems 2 on your device.

Explore the Menu and Study the Paytable

Visit the game menu to locate the paytable, revealing the values of each symbol and potential winning combinations.

Adjust Your Wager

Tailor your bet to your liking by tweaking the wager settings, giving you control over the amount you’re comfortable playing.

Press Spin

Once your wager is set, hit the “Spin” button to set the reels in motion and kick off your journey to uncover glittering treasures and potential wins. Best of luck!

Understanding the Gameplay of Fortune Gems 2

Understanding the Gameplay of Fortune Gems 2
  • It’s a video slot with 3 regular reels, 1 special reel, 3 rows, and 5 paylines.
  • Winning symbols pay from left to right on the selected paylines.
  • Only the highest win on each payline counts.
  • Regular bet mode winnings are calculated as Payout multiplied by Bet, then further multiplied by the special reel multiplier, divided by 5.
  • In Extra Bet mode, the winnings formula is calculated as Payout multiplied by Extra Bets, further multiplied by the special reel multiplier, and finally divided by the product of 5 and 1.5.
  • If there are wins on multiple paylines, all wins are added for the total win.
  • During feature games, bet settings remain the same as in the triggering game.
  • RTP = 97.00%.
  • RTP for Extra Bet = 97.00%.
  • Any malfunction cancels payouts and gameplay.

Exploring Fortune Gems 2 Features

Special Reel

  • The 4th reel is unique, featuring only multipliers and a wheel.
  • Multiply your winnings by the center multiplier on the special reel.

Lucky Wheel

Triggered by the Bonus symbol in the middle of the special reel, offering random prizes ranging from 1x to 1,000x your bet.

Extra Bet

  • Activate by adding an extra 50% to your bet, modifying the special reel for higher multiplier chances.


  • Spin: Tap to initiate spinning based on the current bet.
  • Auto Spin: Tap to start auto-spin, click again to stop.

Fortune Gems 2 Paytable

Fortune Gems 2 Paytable

Player’s Guide: RTP in Fortune Gems 2

With medium volatility, expect a mix of frequent and big wins in Fortune Gems 2. The impressive 97% RTP ensures an exciting gaming experience with balanced design, offering substantial wins.

How to Win at Fortune Gems 2

To maximize your success in Fortune Gems 2, consider the following strategies and tips:

Bet Wisely

Adjust your bets thoughtfully, finding the right balance between risk and potential rewards. Experiment with different wagering strategies to discover what works best for your playing style.

Activate Extra Bets

Explore the advantages of Extra Bet mode by investing an additional 50% in your bet. While the 1x multiplier symbol is omitted, the heightened chances of landing higher multipliers can significantly boost your overall winnings.

Study the Paytable

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the paytable, understanding the values of each symbol and potential payouts. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions during gameplay.

Focus on the Special Reel

Keep a keen eye on the special reel, especially during Extra Bet mode. The unique features and multipliers on this reel can have a substantial impact on your winnings, providing valuable opportunities for success.

Strategic Use of Auto-Spin

Utilize the auto-spin feature strategically to maintain a consistent gameplay pace. This is particularly useful if you have a specific strategy in mind or if you’re enjoying the game casually.

By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you enhance your chances of unlocking the glittering treasures and substantial wins that Fortune Gems 2 has to offer.


What do Extra Bets do in Fortune Gems 2?

Enhance winning potential by modifying the special reel, increasing chances of higher multipliers.

How does the Bonus Wheel work in Fortune Gems 2?

Landing the Bonus symbol triggers the Lucky Wheel, offering random prizes multiplied by various factors.

What happens in case of a malfunction during the game?

In case of a malfunction, all pays and plays are voided, and the system completes the subsequent game automatically.

Is it safe to play JDB Slot games online?

Yes, as long as you play at reputable online casinos, your JDB Slot gaming experience should be safe and secure.


Fortune Gems 2 by JILI on the Babubets platform delivers an exhilarating slot experience. With vibrant gem-filled reels, engaging features, and a balanced combination of medium volatility and a 97% RTP, it promises both excitement and substantial returns. The addition of Extra Bets enhances the thrill, offering the potential for significant wins. Featuring a special reel, Bonus Wheel, and various multipliers, Fortune Gems 2 guarantees dynamic gameplay for both novice and seasoned players, providing entertainment and the chance to pursue glittering treasures.