Spaceman is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play that takes us on a breathtaking gaming adventure up in outer space. It is a crash game played online where you can relate with other players during the game. This is a game type that has popped up on several occasions lately, where the player’s objective is to cash out before a crash occurs. The further the spaceman directs to fly, the higher the multiplier of your bet, resulting in the player being able to take part in a very lucrative flight where one can win up to 5000X the bet during a round. This game type is straightforward, but we’ll jump into this game and break down its content to find out what you as a player can do during the visit. Let’s look at its quick stats first.

It is a game that takes thrill-filled moments to a new level, where diamond hands can benefit the player greatly, but many times cause the player to stumble at the finish line. There are no features within this game, but instead, we’ll go through the How to Play, Multiplier, Placing Bets, Cashing Out, Auto Cash out, and 50% Auto Cash out and Autobet sections.

Spaceman Slot Information

The game’s design has a space theme, and it introduces us to a daring spaceman who travels between the planets. The spaceman we get to follow is extremely reminiscent of the Astro Bot from previous video games, and he occasionally shows himself to be a great star at flying far. We can see a purple galaxy that we are now entering, filled with several planets of all sizes, in the background of the reels. There are usually very fast rounds that one gets to take part in, where a robot voice counts down before the start, and during the game intensifying music will be played that helps to create extra excitement while staying on this game. When playing this game, a screen will display that contains a wide range of options and useful information.

How To Play Spaceman

The multiplier in this game always starts at 1.00X, and increases as the Spaceman flies farther and crashes at random always. The player’s goal is to pay out before the Spaceman crashes to increase their chances of winning. Then, your current wager will be doubled by the current multiplier that was in effect at the time of the payout.

First, you will be asked to choose a bet size, where you can choose from 1 to 100, once you have done that press confirm the bet. You can adjust your bet until the message “Bets closed” appears. Then the game will count down where the multiplier starting at 1.00X will increase as the Spaceman flies further.

You can decide to pay out 50% of your winnings at a level or all of them at once. The trick is to withdraw your money before the Spaceman crashes, as if he does not, you will lose your whole wager. The spaceman might collapse as soon as 1.00X, in which case you would immediately lose your whole bet.


The game’s multiplier always starts at 1.00X and will then gradually increase as the Spaceman flies, where it can increase up to 5000X.

Placing Bets

During your visit to this game, there will be different texts on the screen indicating when you can make your bet or not.

Wait for the next game:

  • If you have joined the game when the betting time has ended, this text will appear, telling you to wait until the next round before you can place a bet.

Next game in:

  • When this text appears you can place a bet which can be between 1 to 100. It is a timer that counts down and when it reaches 0, you can no longer place a bet.

Bets closed:

  • When the timer has counted down to 0, the bets will be closed, and you can no longer place a bet. The round will then shortly be activated.

Cashing Out

Once you have placed a bet and the round has begun, you can click on cash out or 50% cash out at any time. If you do to press cash out before the Spaceman has crashed, you will have the current multiplier applied to your bet size. If you press 50% cash out instead, you will have the current multiplier applied to 50% of your bet size. The remaining 50% of your bet size remains in play and you can press cash out again at any time. If the spaceman crashes before you press cash out, you will lose the entire bet amount that you haven’t cashed out.

Auto Cash out and Auto 50% Cash out

Before starting the game, you can choose to use the Auto Cash out and/or Auto 50% Cash out options. You then select the levels at which you want these to be activated, which can make playing easier, as there is otherwise a 100-200ms delay when pressing the button during the game.

Spaceman Tips and Tricks

The winning Spaceman strategy is based on a series of tips and tricks. That’s how you can streamline the gameplay and avoid losing all the money before you finally hit a big multiplier.

Watch the game:

You may watch how Spaceman is played without even placing a bet. You will see the same thing as the other players who have made bets if you open the game on your browser. Before placing a real money wager, those who are just getting started with Spaceman should play the game for a short while to gain a feel for it.

Use the auto cash-out feature:

You will be surprised, but the simplest Spaceman strategy can be implemented with just one button. Set the auto cash out to whatever value you want, be it 2x, 5x, or 20x, and your game will be much more ordered from now on.

Use the cash-out 50% feature:

In Spaceman, you have the option to collect half of your winnings and continue playing with the rest. It would be unwise to ignore it. For instance, seasoned Spaceman players prefer to take half their winnings upon hitting the 2.00x mark. This way they can fully regain the money spent on the bet and risk the remaining amount for a much larger multiplier. Notably, the Cash out 50% feature can also be triggered with the auto cash-out button.

Try the Martingale strategy:

The Martingale strategy suggests you double the bet after each losing round until you win.

As a Spaceman strategy, the Martingale system might be applied like this:

  • You bet $2 and set the auto cash out to 2.00x.
  • You lose and bet $4 with the same settings.
  • You lose again and bet $8.
  • This time around, you are lucky and win $16.

The total bet value is $2 + $4 + $8 = $14. If you complete the described steps, you will be able to recover the lost money and receive one initial bet as a profit.

Try reverse martingale strategy:

When using the Reverse Martingale betting strategy, you should double your bet after each win.

  • Similarly, to the example above, you bet $2 and set the auto cash out to 2.00x;
  • You win and bet $4 on the next round – all the money you won in the previous one.
  • You win again and bet $8.
  • If you win the third time, you will get $16.

With the Reverse Martingale strategy, you can take full advantage of winning streaks and achieve a reasonably good profit from a small initial bet within just a few rounds. Watch the game for a while, and you will see that such winning streaks in Spaceman are not so rare. If you lose, go back to the original bet size.


In contrast to other video slots, this sort of crash game doesn’t provide a wide variety of options for the player to take use of while playing. Instead, it’s game with extremely simple gameplay mechanics that lets you tag along with a Spaceman on a flying adventure. Before the game begins, you put a bet, and the multiplier increases the farther this Spaceman travels. This is where it very quickly gets extremely adrenaline filled for the player, as you must choose when to cash out. The higher the multiplier, the higher the reward, but if the Spaceman crash before you press cash out, you lose the entire amount. The game’s rounds usually end very quickly, but its gameplay is very addictive, and it is easy to get stuck in front of the screen for a long time.