The Aviator by Spribe is a one-of-a-kind gambling concept that guarantees a new experience to those players who pursue unmatched and exciting interests. Thanks to its general conception and type of gameplay, the Aviator can be considered a crash category game. The basic idea is to make up bets before the airplane starts flying and stop them before it flies away. If the plane is flying, the multiplier is rising. You must be able to cash out the money before it vanishes.

Aviator debuted on November 30, 2019. This game was revolutionary since it didn’t resemble any previous casino game, neither card games nor slots. Additionally, since everything depends on your intuition regarding when to pay out, it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or expertise. Therefore, Aviator is the perfect game for you if you don’t feel like spending time understanding the laws of casino games or if you enjoy developing tactics to improve your chances of winning!

Like all other Spribe games, the Aviator has a very high RTP of 97.0%. There are wagers available starting at $0.10 and going up to $100. The game is suitable for both high rollers who gamble with the idea of “Everything or Nothing” and players who choose to stay on the safe side by placing little bets. Volatility in the game is moderate.

You may bet when playing Aviator at Babubets and select from any available payment methods. If you’re tempted to play Aviator for real money, we suggest reading our review first to learn everything there is to know about the game. You’ll find some useful advice on how to speed up your gaming and increase your bankroll towards the conclusion of the post.

Game Layout and Design

The aviator game by Spribe simply follows a plane in flight. The layout appears to be clear and uncomplicated. The dark backdrop helps to clearly emphasize the relevant buttons. The round history of multipliers is displayed in the top bar of the screen. The balance you now have is shown to the right of it.

You can see a red-line sketch of an airplane soaring in the center as the multiplier rises. The betting area is situated underneath that area. In Aviator, there are two types of wagers you can make. For faster betting, the game offers fixed bets of $1, $2, $5, and $10. However, if you wish to place a specific wager, utilize the – and + buttons to manually raise or reduce stakes.

Spribe has established a real-time list of the bets and cashouts of online bettors on the left side of the screen. You may also select between Top, My Bets, and All Bets.

Provably Fair Aviator 

The Aviator is built on the Provably Fair technology, much like all of Spribe’s games. This entails that all draws are guaranteed to be fair and that no third-party applications can affect the results of the game. By using the “Check Fairness” option, you may verify the accuracy of the top results if you still have any reservations. Three sets of player seeds, the server seed, the combined hash, and the outcomes of the round are all shown in the opened window. The hashed version of every round of server seed is made available to the public.

How To Play Aviator

Even though Aviator delivers a different way of playing than slots or other casino games, it’s very easy to understand. You must be able to place the bet till the next round hasn’t started yet. For this, you have five seconds. You are supposed to place two bets at the same time, each with any value you wish. It’s important to be quick enough to put both bets before the airplane starts.

The moment the plane takes off, the factor starts rising. However, it can fly off unpredictably at any moment. If you manage to cash out before it, you can end with quite a big win. Of course, the amount will depend on your bet and the multiplier when cashing out. And yet, if you fail to accumulate the funds before the plane fades, you will most certainly lose the bet. Everything is that simple!

If you doubt you can be as quick as the airplane in the Aviator game, there is always a chance to trigger the Autoplay function. Spribe offers two variants of the tool:

Automatic bets 

  • the function restarts a bet of the same amount as the previous one.

Automatic cashouts 

  • The function automatically cashes the winnings once the coefficient at which you withdraw winnings and win the bet is achieved. The auto cash-out function can be the best option for those punters who can’t decide when they should cash out.

You can also view bets other players have placed and their winnings in real-time. Accessing the chat, you can also grab free bets occasionally dropped as incentives for the currently playing gamblers.

Why Does Aviator Keep Flying High?

After the release of the Aviator by Spribe Gaming, the world has become fascinated with it. Aviator has been recognized as one of the most-played casino games worldwide thanks to the thrills it provides with every round. However, it is nothing like ordinary casino games. Punters are already tired of the classic card games and the same sort of slots, no matter how superb graphics modern options may have. Aviator feels like a fresh breath.

Besides, when playing Aviator at Babubets, you can bet on different casino slots, play on the desktop site or launch the game on your mobile device.

In-Game Special Features

Aside from being a one-a-kind and easy-to-play casino game, Aviator stands out for its incredible in-game features. First, gone are the days when players were in silos. Instead, the Aviator supports chatting during the game, making new friends, and sharing your experiences. In addition, the game has nothing to hide since the gameplay is 100% fair. Especially, here are the specs creating the game super social – just what Millenials are used to and love:

In-Game Chat: 

Like-minded individuals may enjoy the excitement of the thrilling action and discuss their emotions in the chat section, which is integrated into the game. In the immersive communication level that only Spribe offers, players are allowed to trade jokes, utilize emojis and GIFs to make their talks even more entertaining, and make new friends.

Live Stats: 

Knowing that the Aviator by Spribe allows you to check the scoreboard to see where you stand in relation to other players will please you if, like a true gambler, you are intensely competitive. Additionally, you may change the leaderboard results to display the stats on a daily, monthly, or all-time basis.

Live Bets: 

If you wonder what bets other gamblers place on the same game or even round, a Live Bets section holds all this information.

Furthermore, some features can boost the gameplay. Particularly:

Rain Promo: 

Free bets are added to the discussion randomly by this unique function. To increase your chances of winning, play longer, and win more, be there and seize them! In contrast to the extremely high playthrough requirements that slots need, just click “claim,” and the free bets will be yours without any betting restrictions.

Free Bets: 

Collaborating with online casinos that introduce Spribe Aviator in their game portfolios, the company delivers a certain number of free bets to distribute among new and current players. You can usually find some via giveaways and random promotions.

Aviator Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks for casino games that you might discover in abundance online cannot ensure a victory. Instead, they can increase enthusiasm and make it simpler to win. Consequently, you improve at the game, gain self-assurance, and manage your bankroll wisely.

There are no specific tactics to employ while dealing with the Aviator. However, the advice provided below will still be very helpful to you. So, adhere to these to have more enjoyment from Aviator:

Repetitive Losses and Wins:

According to the statistics, a longer flight, accordingly, a bigger multiplier, is anticipated after a losing streak. For example, if the plane flew away with an x1.2 multiplayer several times, it is more expected to be followed by several good flights or even one remarkably long one.

Other Players’ Behavior: 

Aviator is a multiplier game based on the RNG algorithm. There’s no hack whatsoever. And yet, players expending more time on the site playing the game may have established some specific patterns. If you see many players cashing out at once (their usernames will turn green), you needn’t think twice – just cash out, too.

High and Low Bets: 

You should take advantage of the fact that the game allows you to place two bets at once. How? Let’s elaborate. Place one large wager and withdraw the money immediately to avoid losing it and to profit from the amount of the wager. With the second wager, set it large and wait a long time. Your loss won’t be considerable if you lose this modest wager, but you may gain a lot if you pay it out with a high multiplier.

Practice in Demo:

Demo games are marketed as such. However, you may practice with the demo version of Aviator. See how long the plane remains visible on the screen until it vanishes. Play as much as you like until you’re ready to move on to games with real money.


Aviator is a perfect example of the new category of crash games. It provides a wholly unique game experience; everything revolves around betting, waiting, and winning or losing. The game excels at everything within its genre. You may play several rounds in a little period because the jet takes off about every few seconds. You may take chances, take a break if required, and then attempt once more to make up for your losses.

Aviator is an innovative game, yet it’s also a social vision of gambling. And this is rare, yet. You should try the game with the multiplayer approach now at Babubets. A fantastic gambling experience is ensured!