In the vast world of online slots, there’s one game that has been making waves globally, capturing the hearts of players with its unique charm and potential for incredible payouts – Plinko by BGaming. This review will delve into the captivating features of Plinko, exploring its gameplay, symbols, bonus features, and overall entertainment value. Plus, we’ll highlight Babubets as the distinguished casino that offers this thrilling slot experience.

Overview of Plinko

Overview of Plinko

Derived from the popular TV show “The Price is Right,” Plinko has become renowned as one of the most entertaining pricing games on the show. This self-titled slot game brings the same concept to players, delivering a unique gaming experience.

Plinko, a creation of BGaming, has garnered immense popularity recently, thanks to its distinctive gameplay and the promise of substantial rewards. One noteworthy success story involves a high-roller who, on April 18, turned a $1,000 bet into a staggering million-and-a-half-dollar win with just 115 bets. Plinko, true to its name, offers a game that is both simple and exhilarating.

How to Play Plinko

Playing Plinko is straightforward – drop the ball and anticipate where it lands on the pyramid-shaped board. Despite its simplicity, familiarizing yourself with the rules is advisable. The controls, displayed below and above the board, allow you to adjust your bets, configure the number of rows, and set the risk level. The “Play” button initiates a single drop, while the “Auto” setting allows continuous drops. For those seeking guidance, the “?” button provides access to the game rules.


Plinko takes a departure from the conventional slot setup by forgoing typical matching symbols. Instead, the focus is on maneuvering the ball to land in the highest money slot on the board.

    Risk Level Plinko


    Plinko takes a departure from the conventional slot setup by forgoing typical matching symbols. Instead, the focus is on maneuvering the ball to land in the highest money slot on the board.

      Payout Win Plinko

      Changing risk levels and adjusting the number of rows in play impact the potential payouts. The Low-risk level yields smaller wins, the Normal-risk level offers medium prizes, and the High-risk level can lead to substantial rewards, reaching up to 1,000 times the bet.

      Best Plinko Bonus Feature

      Originally developed by the show’s producer, Frank Wayne, in 1983, the Plinko game was a consistent feature on “The Price is Right” until 2007. The game’s premise is simple: a ball is released down a board of pins, and the winnings depend on the box where the ball lands. BGAMING’s Plinko introduces various payouts, starting from lower values at the center and increasing towards the edges. While each round is a winning one, the return rate may be less than 1:1. The potential maximum win values are determined by the chosen number of rows, ranging from 8 to 16, and the volatility level, adjustable by players to low, medium, or high.

      Number of rows

      Low risk rewards

      Normal risk rewards

      High risk rewards


      0.5x – 5.6x

      0.4x – 13x

      0.2x – 29x


      0.7x – 5.6x

      0.5x – 18x

      0.2x – 43x


      0.5x – 8.9x

      0.4x – 22x

      0.2x – 76x


      0.7x – 8.4x

      0.5x – 24x

      0.2x – 120x


      0.5x – 10x

      0.3x – 33x

      0.2x – 170x


      0.7x – 8.1x

      0.4x – 43x

      0.2x – 260x


      0.5x – 7.1x

      0.2x – 58x

      0.2x – 420x


      0.7x – 15x

      0.3x – 88x

      0.2x – 620x


      0.5x – 16x

      0.3x – 110x

      0.2x – 1,000x


      While Plinko doesn’t incorporate traditional features like wilds, scatters, or free spins, it introduces unique elements that add excitement and enhance payouts. A scoreboard on the left of the screen allows players to track their gambling time, bets, payouts, and profits. The Lines feature enables up to 16 rows on the board, influencing rewards based on the risk level. Activating all rows with a maximum bet of €100 per spin can result in impressive wins, up to €100,000.

      How to Win at Plinko – Tips and Tricks

      Now, let’s explore some tips and tricks to enhance your chances of winning at Plinko. While the game relies heavily on luck, strategic choices can still influence the outcome.

      Understand the Risk Levels

      Plinko offers three risk levels – Low, Normal, and High. Each level comes with its own set of potential rewards and risks. Understanding these levels and choosing one that aligns with your risk tolerance is crucial. While the High-risk level can lead to substantial wins, it also poses a greater risk to your bankroll.

      Experiment with Rows

      The number of rows in play directly affects potential payouts. Experimenting with different row configurations can help you find the balance between risk and reward. Increasing the number of rows can lead to higher payouts, especially when combined with a higher risk level.

      Bankroll Management

      As with any casino game, effective bankroll management is key. Set a budget for your Plinko sessions and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses, and know when to walk away. This disciplined approach ensures that you can enjoy the game responsibly without risking more than you can afford.

      Utilize the Scoreboard

      The scoreboard is not just a decorative feature; it’s a valuable tool for tracking your progress. Keep an eye on your bets, payouts, and profits to gain insights into your gaming session. This information can help you make informed decisions about adjusting your strategy during gameplay.

      Practice Responsible Gambling

      While the excitement of Plinko can be alluring, it’s essential to practice responsible gambling. Set time limits for your sessions, take breaks, and avoid making impulsive decisions. Remember, gambling should be an entertaining activity, and responsible play ensures a positive experience.


      Is Plinko available for free play?

      Yes, many online casinos, including Babubets, offer a free play mode for Plinko, allowing players to experience the game without risking real money.

      What is the highest win recorded in Plinko?

      The highest recorded win in Plinko is over a million and a half dollars, achieved by a high-roller with a $1,000 bet on April 18.

      Are there any specific strategies to win at Plinko?

      Plinko is primarily a game of chance, and no specific strategies guarantee wins. However, understanding risk levels and experimenting with row configurations can influence potential payouts.

      Does Plinko have wilds, scatters, or bonus rounds?

      No, Plinko does not include traditional slot features like wilds, scatters, or bonus rounds. Instead, it relies on a unique set of elements, such as the Lines feature and the scoreboard, to enhance gameplay.


      In conclusion, Plinko by BGaming offers a refreshing take on the traditional slot experience, bringing an element of chance and excitement to the forefront. Its unique gameplay, coupled with the potential for substantial payouts, has undoubtedly contributed to its global acclaim. Paired with the reliability and convenience of Babubets, Plinko becomes an even more enticing option for players seeking an unforgettable and potentially lucrative gaming experience. So, armed with these tips and tricks, why not take a chance and let the ball plink its way to your fortune at Babubets?